To prevent overuse injuries when training handstands, straps or really any discipline it is super important to keep up a healthy gym routine.  Think about it, handstand training constantly requires the use of the same muscles in exactly the same way, and is absolutely neglecting all the other muscles in your body.
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One of the questions that comes up often is if my training has changed over the years? I would sure hope so. My training pretty much changes and evolves with every show contract that I do, with every day that I age and with every new trick or movement I want to put on stage....
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Sascha Bachmann doing One Arm Handstand in London
Where are you from? What's your home base? Where are you going when your shows here are over? These are probably the most frequent questions a traveling performer like me constantly gets to hear. For most of us the answer is pretty straight forward. For me. It is really not that simple.
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