All Levels Handstand & Flexibility Workshop

Improve your Handstand & Range of Motion

This one day all-levels workshop will cover the most effective exercises to propel your handbalance & flexibility practice.

The first half of the day will focus on the fundamentals of hand balancing with an emphasis on safety and technique. You’ll be equipped with the tools needed to feel comfortable doing a handstand against the wall, and take the first steps towards the freestanding handstand. If you are ready for it you’ll be given progressions towards the one arm handstand. Some things that’ll be covered:

  • How to prepare and strengthen the body for a successful practice
  • Specific mobility & injury prevention
  • Exercises/Drills to learn and improve your straight handstand
  • Programming and how to modify exercises and drills to suit various levels

We will be focusing on drills that highlight correct technique, and go over exercises that built the endurance and strength needed to take your handstand further.

This workshop is suitable for those who just want to learn how to get into and out of a handstand safely, as well as those who want to get more confident in a freestanding one and take first steps towards the one arm. With the exercises covered you’ll be able to keep practicing and improving by yourself at home after the event

The second half of the day will be dedicated to all things mobility & flexibility.

You’ll learn how to increase your flexibility with a targeted & technical approach based on over 15 years of experience. We’ll deconstruct flexibility goals such as splits, oversplits and backbends into their individual components, showing you exactly how to target each one specifically. The goal is to lengthen and strengthen the correct muscles and give you the tools needed to stay injury free and healthy by getting a feel for your body and excellent alignment.

You will be taken through a full body warm up and a whole curriculum of systematic progressions to get you closer to your goals. Learn about flexibility theory and how to approach a stretching session. Further you’ll get to experience hands-on training by being guided into positions in a safe manner to learn what to engage and what to relax.

DateFebruar 2nd |9am - 4pm
WhereCenter for Balanced Training | 12949 Garnet Ave 4th floor, San Diego, CA
LevelAll Levels
Cost Early Bird160 USD
Cost180 USD
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