Beginner Handstand Workshop

The Handstand Accelerator

The Handstand Accelerator is 1 -2 day event that aims to get you from little to no experience, up onto your hands comfortably and confidently within 1(2) day(s). This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of hand balancing with an emphasis on safety and technique.

The event is split into two 2 hour sessions, with an hour lunch break in between.

During the morning session you will be taken through the following topics:

  • how to prepare and strengthen the body for a successful practice
  • prep & injury prevention
  • learning how to spot someone
  • correct & efficient alignment in a handstand
  • how to modify exercises and drills to suit various levels
  • and last but not least, programming to help ensure ongoing progress

The afternoon session will focus on flexibility & conditioning, and will focus on:

  • Overhead mobility
  • Middle and front splits for handstands
  • Strength training and body awareness drills

This workshop is suitable for you if you want to learn how to get into and out of a handstand safely, whether at the wall or freestanding.

In order to expand your experience, everybody who attends a 1 or 2 day workshop gets access to a free online training program based on the exercises done during our time together.


  • none
Duration1 or 2 Days รก 2x2h each
Capacity8-24 students
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